East 90th St Plumbing and Heating are a experienced plumbing and heating firm known for its reliable service in New York City for over years. As exceedingly technical and mechanical contractors, we specialize in commercial, industrial and residential, service, installation and repair. We also propose preventive protection service and emergency service reaction to our customers.



By providing the ideal combination of form and function, our room thermostats for electric under floor heating are recognized worldwide for their elegant, high-quality design. Moreover, they are just as easy to install and program as they are pleasing to the eye and they handle even high-load applications with precise temperature control.

Because we are a market-oriented company, we not only offer standard services but also customer-specified thermostats designed to meet local demands. Room heating services from East 90th St Plumbing and Heating also provide efficient energy consumption, which can have a great impact on the environment and on your heating bills. With a statistic like this it clearly makes sense to take a closer look at the source of your energy and the technology being used for your room heating. Contact one of the expert consultants at East 90th St Plumbing and Heatingto discuss the range of options available to you.